Michael Furdyk
I love the opportunity to share my story, discuss the latest technology and youth engagement trends, and explore the way that our work at TakingITGlobal can make a difference in getting more young people aware and engaged in global issues.

You can find out more about my presentations and book me for your event through my friends at the Lavin Agency. Looking for photos or my biography?
  • Fikr 6 (Manama, Bahrain)
  • ACEL/ASCD Conference: New Imagery for Schools and Schooling (Sydney, Australia)
  • The Orchard School: Middle School Leadership (Indianapolis, IN)
  • CIPS Informatics 2007 (Halifax, NS)
  • Surrey Teachers Association Conference (Surrey, BC)
  • iDEAS Student Leadership Conference (Surrey, BC)
  • Racine Speakers Series (Racine, WI)
  • British Columbia Student Congress (Vancouver, BC)
  • Credit Union Executives Society (Tuscon, AZ)
  • ITU TELECOM WORLD Youth Forum (Hong Kong, China)
  • Wartburg College (Waverly, IA)
  • CUSA and League Data Technology Conference (Niagara Falls, ON)
  • RBC Innovation Summit (Toronto, ON)
  • VISA Canada: Technology and the Net Generation (Toronto, ON)
  • Advancing Online Learning Conference 2006 (Danvers, MA)
  • AMD Global Vision Conference (Pasadena, CA)
  • World Congress on Information Technology (Austin, TX)
  • Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (Toronto, ON)
  • Power Users of Technology (San Jose, Costa Rica)
  • World Youth Congress (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum (Redmond, WA)
  • Banking on Youth (Toronto, Ontario - February 10th)
  • Engineers without Borders Annual Meeting (Toronto, Ontario - February 6th)
  • World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland - January 20-24th) [Attended]
  • Northeast Superintendents Leadership Institute (Fort Myers, FL - January 15-16th)
  • Youth Employment Summit Regional Forum (Hyderabad, India - December 13-18th)
  • UN World Summit on the Information Society (Geneva, Switzerland - December 5-10th)
  • Expanding Horizons (Taupo, New Zealand - October 7-8th)
  • Salzburg Seminar: Digital Inclusion (Salzburg, Austria - September 4-9th)
  • Middle Years Conference (Sydney, Australia - August 23-25th)
  • ELH 2003 (Lorne, Australia - August 18) [Virtual]
  • National Education Computing Conference (Seattle, WA - June 30th-July 3rd)
  • Long Island Superintendents Retreat (Montauk, NY - June 1st)
  • Education Computing Organization of Ontario (Toronto - May 9-11th)
  • National Technology Youth Leadership Conference (Kingston, ON - May 9-11th)
  • e-Niagara Conference (St. Catherines, ON - May 1st)
  • Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference (Toronto - January)
  • World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland - January) [Attended]
  • ITU Asia Telecom Youth Forum (Hong Kong - December)
  • UN World Summit on the Information Society Europe/Americas Summit (Bucharest - November)
  • Sudbury Luncheon (Sudbury - November)
  • Youth Employment Summit (Alexandria, Egypt - September)
  • TakingITGlobal Conference (Accra, Ghana - August)
  • UN World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, South Africa - August)
  • Expanding Learning Horizons (Lorne, Australia - August)
  • Credit Union Executives Society (Puerto Rico - June)
  • US Government National Youth Summit (Washington D.C. - June)
  • American Banking Association (Newport, RI - May)
  • Microsoft's Anytime, Anywhere Learning Summit (Boston, MA - April)
  • World Economic Forum (New York, NY - February) [Attended]
  • Young Entrepreneurs Networking Dinner (Kingston, ON - October 25th)
  • Young Presidents' Organization Regional Summit (Tucson, AZ - October 10-14th)
  • Ontario Media Development Corp. (Toronto - September 4-5th)
  • US Conf. Board: Leading New Economy Workplaces (New York, NY - May)
  • Young Presidents' Organization Toronto Meeting (Toronto - April 18th)
  • TED 11 (Monterey, CA - February)
  • Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, CA - February)
  • Cyberspace Entrepreneurs Conference (Honolulu, HI - October 27-28th)
  • Expanding Learning Horizons (Lorne, Australia - August)
  • Vanguard: Digital Dimensions of Time (San Diego - February 7-8th)
  • Microsoft Anytime, Anywhere Learning Global Summit (Seattle, WA - February)
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